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Physician (Internal Medicine)

Software for Consulting Physician / Internal Medicine

    • The unique features of "AXON SOFTWARE" are:
    • "AXON SOFTWARE" maintains a complete track of the entire history of the patient and helps in augmenting diagnosis methodology through its analytical capabilities
    • "AXON SOFTWARE" makes multilingual prescriptions and patient records to be printed more legibly, in an organized format.
    • "AXON SOFTWARE" is fully customizable software. In a few minutes, it can be set up to work as the Doctor does. Its user-friendly operations enhance the pleasure of working with it, making it an integral part of practice, as time goes by.
    • ‘‘AXON SOFTWARE" comes with a complete, exhaustive integrated ‘help’ file.
    • The software is a simple, user-friendly and very effective solution for Physician to carry out their duties in a competent manner. It helps the Doctor to effortlessly perform his daily duties which include:
    • Patient Records
    • Certificates
    • Photographs-Video & Documents
    • Multi-lingual Prescription
    • Appointment
    • In-Patient & Discharge Summary
    • Masters
    • Accounts
    • Registers
    • Reminders
    • Bar-coding
    • E-Payment Recording & Reports
    • Generic drug integration
    • Analysis of Patient Data
    • Bulk SMS (Personalize)
    • Multi-doctor module
    • User preference wise customization
    • Data backup facility
    • Help
    • Easy Installation
    • Online support & training


  • Standalone Setup
  • Multi-user Setup
  • Multi-consultant Setup


  • Processor: Dual core , I3 Or Higher
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HDD: 100 GB
  • OS: Windows 10